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Simply put, we put you in a position to win! The process is tried and true. we CONSULT, COACH, and TRAIN. nothing fancy, we simply meet you where you are, and take you as far as your desire and efforts allow you to go.

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SG brings the people, the passion, the process, and if you are willing to truly put the work in, you reap the benefits which can equal profits! 

Our assumption is that you are not in business, for the sake of being in business.  We assume that you want to MAKE money, MAKE change, MAKE moves, and MAKE a difference. 

If you find yourself on the continuum of MAKES above, give SG a call or drop us a note, lets MAKE it happen!  together, we’ll solve your substantive matters. 

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Carlos Smiley

Since 1984, Carlos has provided services in both the public and private sectors in the fields of Contracts and Acquisition + Grants. He is the Managing Partner at SG, LLC, a Training + Consulting + Capture Services firm. During his time in the public sector, he provided management, strategies and leadership on behalf of the following public sector agencies:

  • Department of Defense (DOD), Sr. Contracting Officer
  • NASA, Team Leader, Simplified Acquisition and Grants Branch
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
  • International Contracts Manager & Branch Director, Emergency and International Programs

Highlights include:

  • Contracting Officer for the Research & Development efforts for the acquisition of the “Apache – AH-64 Helicopter – DOD
  • Lead International Grants Manager in support of US Govt efforts to fight HIV/AIDS (CDC) Assistance strategies.
  • Lead International Contracts Manager in support of US Govt efforts to combat HIV/AIDS – PEPFAR, Ebola, and ZIKA Acquisition strategies
  • Developed course materials and delivered training on four (4) continents, ” How to Do Business with the United States Federal Government”.

In addition, he managed contracting and Acquisition in the private sector. During that time, he provided opportunities in support of small business development and historically underutilized communities:

Amoco Polymers and Petroleum, Subcontract Manager and Minority Business Development Coordinator
Highlights include:

  • Subcontract Manager & Minority Business Development Coordinator
    Amoco Corporation
  • Developed award-winning seminar, “How to Obtain and Maintain Government Contracts “.
  • Project Manager, Community Engagement Liaison for a Major Real Estate Development project.

Carlos holds a BA degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and an MS with a focus in Contracts Management from Florida Tech University.  He served as staff professor for Calhoun College in Huntsville, AL where he taught business and contracting courses.  He served as President for the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Atlanta Chapter for the 2014-2016 program years, and served as the President of the NCMA Atlanta Board of Advisors for the 2017 program year and he continues to serve as an Advisory Board member. He has been a Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) as recognized by the NCMA since 2002.

MAKE money, MAKE change,
MAKE moves, and MAKE a difference

Our Mission

For over thirty five years, SG experiences in both the public and private sector have prepared them to assist your organization, regardless of where you think you are in your professional development and opportunities, in the preparation to achieve your business objectives.  Having served as Contracting Officer and Chief on such groundbreaking technologies (at the time) as the Department of Defense “Apache Helicopter”, the NASA next generation space craft, the X-33 and X-37, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and ZIKA outbreaks and challenges on an international stage in federal sector space, and having served as Subcontract Manager, Small and Minority Business Development Coordinator for Amoco Petroleum and Polymers (now BP), SG brings the background, the know-how, the business savvy,  and the unquestioned experience to your quest to “WIN”.  

SG has worked with Ministries of Health (MOH) around the world in efforts to improve public health outcomes through the writing of Grants and Cooperative Agreements designed to address those countries unique health challenges.  SG has taught courses on four continents relative to “HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH THE US GOVERNMENT”.  

Our Vision

SG works with small and minority businesses in their capture approach to winning business.  SG researches far in advance of the issuance of an opportunity, the background, incumbency, history, and just as important, the “go forward”  strategy for a targeted acquisition or Grant. SG tracks the potential opportunity, in conjunction with working with company management to arrive at a “Go/ No Go” decision. SG ensures compliance relative to terms, conditions, regulations and statutes to ensure that there are no “technicalities” down the road.  Upon issuance, SG walks your organization from the RED light, to the GREEN light, as we journey through the maze of Contracting and Grants to “CAPTURE AWARD”.

Our values